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Tommy Guerrero

released December 8, 2017

“Guerrero’s guitar is the star here, using chord progressions and four note melodies that, alone may seem rudimentary, but meshed with everything else surpass any expectations of their promise as nimble and colorful pieces of musical texture. It’s not like Guerrero uses the same formula either; each song takes on different forms and breathes new sonic qualities. The funk-fused “Tatanka” is a meticulously crafted vision of guitar riffs cut with delicate harmonics, while a track like “Thin Brown Layer” offers a lackadaisical showcase of Latin rhythm and flare. Hip hop, soul, acid jazz, blues, and folk all make similar contributions, making Soul Food [Taqueria] an experience that jams with nearly every mood… It’s seductively good, it slaps you around and reminds you just how great simplicity can sound.” – Dusted Magazine



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