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Tommy Guerrero

released July 22, 2014

Musician and skateboarder, member of the legendary Bones Brigade, prolific artist & designer, the untamed kid of San Francisco comes back to charge up our turntables with his new album No Mans Land.

“17 tracks tracing an intense and slow journey across a misty California, where space and time distend into a dusty modern western,” describes Asphalt Duchess. “From dangerously rhythmic dating under a dazing sun, to melodic oasis deliciously refreshing, No Mans Land marks a change in the work of Tommy Guerrero: beyond the clever alchemy of ambient jazz tinged by hip-hop and soul, T.G. reveals a mastery of a typical style that becomes unique and eternal, where are unveiled enjoyment, fun and the raw talent of a mature artist who managed to preserve the purity of his childhood dreams.”


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