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The Onlies

released October 2, 2020

Their first release since 2015 and their first ever as a four piece, “THE ONLIES” is the recorded realization of the band’s driving old time reality.

The Onlies are:
Sami Braman: fiddle and vocals
Vivian Leva: guitar and vocals
Leo Shannon: fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and vocals
Riley Calcagno: fiddle, banjo, and vocals

Nokosee Fields: bass
Caleb Klauder: mandolin

Produced by Caleb Klauder and The Onlies
Recorded by Jordan Cunningham at Sage Arts
Mixed By Johnny Calcagno
Mastered by Mike Monseur
Design by Leo Shannon
Additional art by Nokosee Fields
Photography by Johnny Calcagno