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The Lost Maestros

released May 15, 2021

The Lost Maestros Collection is an initiative created by Mieruba-ML, an independent music label based in Ségou, Mali. Founded in 2008, the label’s mission is to honor, protect, and promote Mali’s musical heritage and melodies while ensuring that men and women who played important roles in a golden era of creativity in the years following independence do not go unrecognized.

The label embodies Mangala’s spirit, one of the greatest masters of contemporary Malian music so it is no surprise that the first album produced was Mangala in 2010. But what no one could anticipate is that a few months after the album was recorded, Mangala would pass away in Bamako after a short illness.

This immense loss became a clarion call for Mieruba ML to provide opportunities to forgotten and underappreciated ambassadors of Manding music in all of its diversity before it became too late. Between 2010 and 2018, Mieruba-ML published many EP and LP featuring instrumentalists and vocalists steeped in the ancestral music of the Ségou region in particular but also in the blues, salsa, jazz, and afrobeat.



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