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Santa Planta

released May 14, 2021

Santa Planta is a Stoner Doom band born in the depths of Madrid, Spain, bringing neckbreaker riffs since 2018. Influenced by the roughness of 90’s and modern doom, a spicy sprinkle of 70’s psychedelic rock and dark whispers of the green smoky goddess. After a long quarantine and extensive experimentation, the band has succeeded in the record of his first EP which assures you a great trip to the riff filled land and offers a little hint of the upcoming music that the plant has to bring.

Drums and extra vocals: Lorena “Lowla Blaze” Zamora
Bass and extra vocals: Alex “Sticky fingers” Reduello
Guitar and vocals: Dani “Goat Whisperer” Roldán-Cuartero

Recorded and mastered in RedBeard Studio by Daniel Rubio Galicia

Alcalá de Henares, Madrid (2021)

Cover art by Daniel Roldán-Cuartero and Lola Zamora
Aditional photography by Alvaro Escolar and Vega Benavides

Special thanks to all the people who has been part of the journey of Santa Planta