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Mitoma & Weldroid

released July 7, 2020

MxW is the newest offering by longtime collaborators Mitoma and Weldroid, on the Soun imprint. Both prolific and highly regarded producers in their own right, the two have been pushing melodic, fragments electro(nic) music for years, often crossing paths with tracks and remixes appearing on labels such as Section27.

MxW brings their sounds together over 7 tracks (or 8 if you count the USB bonus track), and as fans might expect from their distinct sonic personas, the works contain majestic, mournful strings which rise up within spacious, expansive soundscapes. Arpeggiated detuned basslines bubble through the structure; clicks and cuts outline familiar prowling rhythms which nod toward electro but kept deliberately restrained and subdued to allow the subtlety of other details to come through, whether it be disjointed voices and radio chatter on The Well, or broken tonal fragments that coalesce to form a full melodic narrative on tracks like Detonator.

They describe this album “like film music, but one that stands alone and works without foley and picture. Or where these elements are also replaced by sounds and melodic textures.” and yet it remains “very digital, crisp and unforgiving, there is absolutely no lo-fi nostalgia… more

All tracks produced by Mitoma & Weldroid, 2V813 additional production by Andy Paterson.
Mastered by Weldroid


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