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Lee Lee et Le Bus

Video Leralee Whittle
Music Ahmoudou Madassane and Toki Fuko

From the industrial age to the digital age, our embodiment has partially been formed by our interface with tools. People try to consciously regulate how much they give of themselves to mechanistic and simulated realities for which the tools serve- we have to make sure we stay human, connected to earth, not staying too long in the Matrix.

In this episode tools are repurposed to enliven and deepen embodied, imaginative play through composition for the senses and an eye on Spirit more real and nurturing than the Zeitgeist of today or yesteryear.

Lee Lee et Le Bus

A new episode every Thursday

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Ep 37 Whole Lotta Nothin’ Going On


  • kurt montgomery says:

    Okay what are you guys up to!!

  • Hey Brother, we’re sharing beautiful music that Paul puts a lot of time into finding and unearthing for listeners and hey, VStreams is featuring my weekly multimedia podcast!

  • Love this …. fun and thought provoking.

  • Great to hear there’s love! Thanks Darcy.

  • Leralee, do not have the words to say how much I loved this! First, I collect kaleidoscopes, so I was captured immediately. The dance in concert with the music was perfect, the incorporation of the landscape of Terlingua, along with my favorite ocotillo (what I called Chihulys until I learned their true name) was lovely. Thank you…,,,

  • Darcy, I’m so glad there was so much resonance with episode 2. I also love you’re familiar with the terrain where the video was shot. 🙂

  • Carolyn White Hammond says:

    Glad to see that your thought provoking creativity continues & that you have fallen in love with the desert. Aunt Carolyn

  • Greenwell says:

    Hats off to Leralee and Paul, whose heart felt expression of head, hands, and spirit, rock the place in life of daring greatly to raise the roof with inspiring creation. Thank you.

  • Brigitte ✿ says:

    Hi Lee Lee! I love this an incredible amount for reasons I can’t even explain. Every Thursday or Friday I just get so excited to see what you’ve been working on, and the creative awesome-sauce stuff you put out. It looks so fun and I’m always really amazed and inspired by the end of it. I love you!
    Your Neice,
    Brigitte (◠‿◠✿)

  • RD says:

    So great to have this weekly update from the desert! The combining of improvisation and graphics works for me and seems to be getting more expert each week. Looking forward to the next.

  • So happy, to see such support coming from other creatives I know well, with the last several comments from my 13 year old niece, to my 82 yr old mother, to fomer stage collaborator ( hi RD! ). Thanks everyone.

  • ✨Bellamy✨ says:

    Hi Leelee I love your videos. They are so funny and they look fun. They make me laugh and make me feel happy. Keep on making these amazing videos! I miss you! I love you!
    Love your niece, Bellamy (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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