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leafcutter john

The Housebound Spirit

Originally released on Planet-Mu Recordings, released July 7, 2003

All material written, recorded, and produced in London by John Burton 2000-2003 with the assistance of the Leafcutter Players:

ELECTRIC LOVE: Love scene by Nautilis, Screams screamed in various locations by: Bit Meddler, Venitian Snares, Hellfish, Mercedes, si-cut.db, Madep, and Lucas G Crane.

IF YOU HAVE AN ENEMY: Cello played and recorded in NYC by Matthew Peters.

KHOM?S: Vocal material sung by Kazumi.

RECAIN: Recorder part by Leo Chadburn.

FOR TWO: Clarinet part Rachel Lipson.

Artwork: John Burton
Design: Ben Curzon



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