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Jurg Frey

released October 1, 2021

Jürg Frey I Listened to the Wind

There are things – the leaves of a tree, the seconds of our lives, the slates on a warehouse roof – that are as numerous as droplets in ‘a rain as soft as a mist’, to quote Jürg Frey’s text for his I listened to the wind again, which he wrote for the LCMS festival of 2017.

These are the infinities of this world, and generally they pass us by, because they are everywhere, or because we have not the focus to be still and observe each particular.
Frey may teach us that focus.

It may be a matter, listening to this small richness of instruments (clarinet, string trio and percussion) that joins the voice, of sensing how a note on the viola differs from the same note played on the violin, or to how an interval on these two instruments changes when they exchange notes.

It may be a matter of recognizing how a word, joining the soft rain of instrumental sounds, may cause them to change, even bring them into alignment with it, or expressive conformity.
It may be a matter of feeling how the colour and the texture of the ensemble shift, and return, and do not return.
It may be a matter of experiencing sound from the inside… more

1. Jürg Frey (b. 1953)
I Listened to the Wind Again….43.39
Hélène Fauchère – Soprano
Carol Robinson. – Clarinet
Nathalie Chabot – Violin
Agnès Vesterman – Cello
Garth Knox – Viola
Sylvain Lemêtre – Percussion

Executive Producer: Eamonn Quinn
Recording Engineer : Christophe Hauser
All Works Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Christophe Hauser and Carol Robinson
Recording made in Studio Sequenza Paris
Special thanks to Jeff Cohen and Françoise Rivalland

Cover Image: “Wind Light Shadows” by Mareike Yin-Yee Lee used with kind permission of the artist.
Other images used by kind permission of Detlef
Design by Peter Curzon

Funded by the Arts Council, Create Louth and supported by the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation



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