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Jeremy Facknitz

This is what I did in 2020… I compiled the best musicians, the best producer, the best videographer I could find after writing the best songs I could write and worked many late nights and early mornings to make another album. I rented a theatre and made a video with Gabe Jacobson for my favorite song; a song that I believed had depth, raw emotion and was musically interesting while maintaining its pop sensibilities.
I put all my cards on the table.

We shot this thing about 1 year ago and I haven’t watched it in a long while.
I’m gonna be vulnerable here… this is the best I can do, people. If you’re a fan (thank you), you may have other songs you like better. If you’re not a fan, that’s cool ‘cause neither am I (ha!). You may not like the genre, you may not like the fact that I look like a CPA, etc. Either way I’m confessing to you, this is the best that I, with what talent was given me mixed with years of blood sweat and tears, can do.



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