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irr. app. (ext)

Yma Dhym Mûr Varthegyon

released July 7, 2017

Originally released as side 2 of the ‘Arpt Verjennepp Tonxtie’ c47, being a substantial alteration & embellishment of the Vertonen At Jennie Richie track ‘Mummers Farce’ on side 1. This cassette was issued in an edition of 50 copies by Readymades Tapes [RT-QS’93019] in 2013.

Sturdy thanks to Wm. Rage, the horse he rode in on, and any other horse that looks like the horse he rode in on.

Fed, feted, formed, fluffed & flabbergasted at Rock Creek Tributary, Hillsboro, Oregon in May-June 2013. Extendification extrapolated in June 2017.

All audio & graphics © 2013/2017 M S Waldron/errata in excelsis.

Artwork: ‘Satellite Trap’ mixed media {2012} by M S Waldron.



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