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released September 17, 2021

“New Constellations” starts off where we left “Louder Than I’m Used To”. But on this album, we have taken it all to a new level by significantly expanding the extremes”, Falkevik say about the album.

The music holds more contrasts and has a sharper expression [than that of the previous album]. It moves in between the extremes: from intimate, gentle piano parts to massive, complex instrumental passages.

The music can, in fact, very well resemble the meteorological contrasts of a typical week in songwriter Julie Falkevik Tungevåg’s hometown on western Norway’s weather-bitten and scenic coast. Just like the ocean, the music spans from calm and still to roaring chaos within moments.

“Norway’s Falkevik has composed one of the most beautiful and motivating pieces of music I’ve heard so far this year.”

Piano & vocals : Julie Falkevik Tungevåg
Upright bass : Ellen Brekken
Drums : Marius Trøan Hansen

Recorded @ Propeller Music Division – Oslo
Recorded & Mixed by : David Aleksander Sjølie
Mastered by : Morgan Nicolaysen

Cover design : Hanna Erdal

Label : Drabant Music