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Campilongo & Benedetti

released August 8, 2020

Following the successful Jim & Luca collaboration “Last Night,This Morning” record which Vintage Guitar wrote ”This is a brilliant record with magic and artistry…” and Guitar Player Magazine wrote “…looks like one of the top guitar records of the year…” Jim Campilongo and Luca Benedetti decided to get down to basics and collaborate on a project with just two guitars.

Mona Lisa 3:19
Nice Dress 2:55
Up a Lazy River 4:14
Denisse 4:07
Otto 2:48
Mood Indigo 3:44
Minute Waltz 4:33
Tears Waiting Inside 3:31
Whistle While You Don’t Work 3:35
Coal (Duo) 2:14
Geppetto’s Waltz 3:19
Blade of Grass 2:51

All songs written by Jim Campilongo (Copyright 2020 Bully Cat Music [BMI]) except Geppetto’s Waltz written by Luca Benedetti BMI, Mona Lisa Sony/ATV Harmony Jay Livingston, Ray Evens, Up a Lazy River Peer Music III Ltd. Hoagy Carmichael, Sydney Arodin, Mood Indigo Sony/ATV Harmony Barney Bigard, Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Minute Waltz Frédéric Chopin (public domain)

All tracks recorded The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed by: Aaron Nevezie at The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
Produced by: Jim Campilongo and Luca Benedetti

Tour, Lessons, Equipment and more at
Jim Campilongo Publishing:

Back Photo Flip Scipio (inside Photo James Malave CD Eco Pak only)

Jim Campilongo endorses Fender Amplifiers; D’Addario Strings; Harper Manufacturing; Celestion Speakers; JAM Pedals
Luca Benedetti endorses D’Addario Strings, Amalfitano Pickups, Prestige Guitars



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