Wolo So

Balimaya Project

released July 30, 2021

Driving collective polyrhythms, blazing frontline horns & virtuosic kora stylings collide across this dynamic meeting of traditional Mandé music/culture and contemporary jazz.

Yahael Camara Onono – Lead Djembe/Arranger/Composer/ Voice /Sangban
N’famady Kouyaté – Balafon/Sangban/ Voice
Jali Bakary Konte – Kora
Skanda Sabbagh – Dounoun
Adeegun Crispin Robinson – Congas/voice
Paul Goumou – Omele/Shekere/Sakara
Michael Adesina – Lead Talking Drums/Sakara
Moses Olukayode – Talking Drums/Sakara
Yohan Kebede – Keys
Godwin Sonzi – Guitar/voice
Jonathan Monga Moko – Bass/voice
Nathaniel Cross – Trombone
Joe Bristow – Trombone
Elias Ntiamoah Atkinson – Flugelhorn/Trumpet
Ife Ogunjobi – Trumpet
Triston Dubison – Kit
Mariam Tounkara Koné – Solo Vocal

Recorded at: Livingston Studios
Engineered by: Marcus Locock
Mixed by: Marcus Locock
Mastered by: Daz-I-Kue
Date recorded: July 2020

Thanks to:
I’d like to thank my ‘father’ Sidiki Dembele for his undying encouragement, mentoring, care and Attention and education in tradition and culture.

A big thanks to my Family – Balimaya Project – without whom, none of this would be possible. The talent that surrounds us all is extraordinary.

To Michelea Onono and Adaiba Onono, for keeping us Sane.

Thanks to Andrew Azuka Uchea (RIP), Frances Uchea and the Uchea family for their prayers and support throughout my life and career.

Marcus Locock, for working with us singlehandedly and doing a hell of a job

Last but definitely not least, a huge thank you to Jazz re:freshed. Adam, Yvette and team, You have consistently followed and supported everything we have done. Advised, sacrificed and supported. To pull this off during a pandemic was no mean feat. But your unwavering positivity and encouragement has been priceless. What you do for the community, in general, is indescribable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.