Tried and True

Tia Carrera

released June 12, 2020

What can you say about Austin, TX’s Tia Carrera? Longevity, stamina, power, grace, sensuality, and telepathy? Don’t forget bone shakingly loud, always impressive and truly psychedelic. Also, they may or may not record in a barbecue shack.

Guitarist/engineer Jason Morales and drummer Erik Conn are pushing 20 years under the Tia Carrera banner, and so their new album, ‘Tried and True,’ has more than earned its name. Ahead of 2019’s two-song LP ‘Visitors/Early Purple,’ the founding duo recruited longtime friend and ATX legend Curt Christenson (Dixie Witch/Crimson Devils) as a permanent member, and his well-established bass wizardry emboldened the band’s sound, dynamic, and unspoken communion as artists. ‘Tried and True’ represents in blistering fashion Tia Carrera’s unwavering trajectory of heavy-psych-blues-bliss exploration.

The band is famously selective about what they release to the public. With every performance unique by virtue of improvisation, they’ve amassed a huge, never-issued collection of recorded material, both live performances and private studio tracks.

‘Tried and True’ is a sonic voyage culled from their latest studio work and across a 37-minute LP (the CD runs 71 minutes… more

Tia Carrera is:
Jason Morales: guitar
Curt Christenson: bass
Erik Conn: drums

Recorded and mixed at the BBQ Shack – Austin, TX.
Engineered by Jason Morales.
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Mastering – Austin, TX.
Artwork and layout by Alexander von Weding.
Photos by Drew Nesbitt & Charlie Morris.

Thanks to all who have had our backs over the years. We’ll see you out there soon.

CD Bonus Tracks:
Early Purple