The Serpent Stirs


released December 1, 2012

Ortega returns with their longest output so far, clocking over 18 minutes of psychedelic doom. The Serpent Stirs is a sonic voyage. A trial of battles with inner demons, which binds us in our mind.

Our great self crawls in blood. Its hide is raw.

Pressing info:

100 Cassettes (Tartarus Records) SOLD OUT

1st press
100 Clear vinyl (Narshardaa Records) SOLD OUT
100 Green vinyl (Narshardaa Records) SOLD OUT
100 Red vinyl (Narshardaa Records) SOLD OUT

2nd press
200 Amber vinyl (Narshardaa Records)
25 black vinyl w screenprinted cover (Narshardaa Records) Only available at shows.

Recorded by JB van der Wal at Simplon and Hewwehetover Studios, Groningen in 2012
Mastered by JB van der Wal
Vinyl artwork by Marald
Cassette artwork by