The Sacrificial Code

Kali Malone

released June 27, 2019

Slow, methodical organ recordings on this major new work from Kali Malone; a quietly subversive double album featuring almost two hours of concentrated, creeping organ pieces governed by a strict acoustic and compositional code with ultimately profound emotional resonance.

‘The Sacrificial Code’ takes a more surgical approach to the methods first explored on last year’s ‘Organ Dirges 2016 – 2017’. Over the course of three parts performed on three different organs, Malone’s minimalist process captures a jarring precision of closeness, both on the level of the materiality of the sounds and on the level of composition.The recordings here involved careful close miking of the pipe organ in such a way as to eliminate environmental identifiers as far as possible – essentially removing the large hall reverb so inextricably linked to the instrument. The pieces were then further compositionally stripped of gestural adornments and spontaneous expressive impulse – an approach that flows against the grain of the prevailing musical hegemony, where sound is so often manipulated, and composition often steeped in self indulgence. It echoes Steve Reich’s sentiment “ voluntarily giving up the freedom to do whatever momentarily comes to mind, we are, as a result… more

“Canons for Kirnberger III” (track 1-3) performed and recorded by K.M. at Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm.

“Norrlands Orgel”(track 4-6) performed and recorded by K.M. with assistance from Karl Sjölund at Studio Acusticum in Piteå.

“Live in Hagakyrka” (track 7 -10) performed by Ellen Arkbro & K.M. and recorded by Rasmus Persson at Hagakyrka in Gothenburg.

Music composed by Kali Malone
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Art and Photography by A.M. Rehm
Design/Layout by A.M. & Simone Cañez-Sabus

Ideal Recordings 2019