The End of the Tunnel

In ‘R’ Voice

released June 19, 2020

“The Light at The End…” of In’R’Voice, his last album, was the first chapter. “The End Of The Tunnel” is the second chapter. The untold sound stories now are completed.THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. In’R’Voice since February 2020 where that album released and through the end of 2019 which he completed had prepare us for what it comes, where beyond the darkness that appears first – let there be light – and now with his new ep “The End Of The Tunnel”, the hope is more clear viewed, but it comes to a new world. A compelling release that brings in surface the rave glory of electronica. Gleaming and wealthy synth harmonies in downtempo grooves rapidly gives you moments of joy, but also place you in state of nostalgy bring back all good memories why you loved electronica in first place. This release also includes a flawless In’R’Voice remix treat on Side Liner’s “No Vember” track.

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