Midori Hirano

released September 10, 2021

“As with previous albums, this is a record to get lost in” (The Vinyl Factory)

“New song ‘Void’ is endlessly beautiful, with each note seeming suggest an entire universe of its own” (Clash Magazine)

“Midori Hirano showcases her primary instrument, the piano, leaving an indelible impression” (A Closer Listen)

With releases on acclaimed labels such as Longform Editions, Sonic Pieces and Alien Transistor, Mirido Hirano is no stranger within the field of electro-acoustic piano music. While she is more known for her studio-work, it is often forgotten that she also has a long tradition of writing for films and theatre productions. This forms an important part in her work and a constant inspiration for her autonomous work. Soniscope is no exception in that regard. While working on the film Mizuko (Kira Dane, Katelyn Rebelo, 2019), a still of many little Jizo statutes got her attention and came to be the first steps of her new album.

“I was fascinated by the combination of the image and sound which well emphasized the stillness with a slight of emotion.” (Midori Hirano)

With the Jizo statutes on her mind, Midori Hirano wanted to make an album and started envisioning several personal narratives. Soniscope can be considered as the soundtrack of her own personal stories related to these statues of which Mizuko Jizo was the starting point. With Soniscope, Hirano continues in the same vein as her previous albums in which piano and electronic arrangements hold a central place. However, on this record she specifically explored new possibilities in terms of techniques and instruments.

Artwork by Jelle Martens
Mastered by Ian Hawgood