released September 29, 2017

Monolord would like to thank: Hank, Daniel Hall, Jeri Yoshizu, Trevor William Church for putting down the last lead guitar on ”Rust”, Salome Kent for the violin on ”Wormland”, John Gamino for the keys on ”Rust” and ”At Niceae”, Clio Leeuwenburgh, Johan Andersson, Staffan Hamrin, Pontus Blom, Dave Cutbush, Ben Ward, Barnaby Struve, Structures Brewing, Oliver Brewing Co., Slow Season, Laney Oleniczak, Alexi D. Front, all the bands we’ve toured with!

Thomas: Ellinor & my family, Robert Schlyter, Windhand, Casey Yarborough, Jared Reynolds at Lace Pickups, Alex Auxier at Orange amps, Josephine Wahlstedt, Jesper Karlsson, Hasse at Janssons musik, Simon Karlsson at 4 Sound Göteborg, Jonas ”Tornet” Torndal, friends that keep sending me coffee, Najssons baryton telecaster, X-files, aeropress, Boult Guitars, InTune Guitar picks.

Esben: Åsa for being a rock, Charlie for keeping me on my toes, Kim Gravander for the coffee soaked audio support, The Picturebooks, Darkside Sewing, Wincent Drumsticks, doppio, all you relentless and supportive fans. Thank you all!

Mika: Emma, my family, Esa Luoto, Eeka Mäkynen, Esa Valkeajärvi, Martin Rabitz, Toetags Electronics, Alex Auxier at Orange Amps, Alex Avedissian, Pichel Guitars, Strängdjungeln, John McClane, all you friends on the road who have let us in your lives

Thomas: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals and cowbell
Mika: Bass and ambience
Esben: Drums and percussion

This album was recorded by Monolord, mixed and mastered by Esben Willems (Berserk Audio)