Karlon Krioulo

released February 13, 2018

The idea for this album came after being challenged by Pedro Coquenão to participate in the Mamã Africana EP. At the time, Pedro showed me works that had this same language, like those from Marcelo D2, Conjunto Ngonguenha, among others. That got me excited to explore this concept on my own.

This album resulted from thorough research on stories about Cape Verde, and the intimate conversations that I have had throughout my life with people from my parents’ generation.

The title Passaporti came from a childhood memory.
One of the things I remember most was my mother saying and commenting to her girlfriends “En te ki renouva passaporti” (“I have to renew my passport”). So I thought the passport was the only link between Portugal and Cape Verde.

For the booklet I selected some images from my family photo album.

This EP combines hip hop and traditional Cape Verdean music, travelling from morna with the track “Foi Sodade” inspired by Cesária Évora’s and Bonga’s “Sodade” to the funaná with “Nha Cultura” inspired by Zé Cirilo’s song “Pó di Terra.”

The following artists have participated in Passaporti:
Chullage, Maria Tavares, Valete, Carlos Martins on… more