Lend Your Garden


released May 1, 2020

This album was partially funded by the generous souls who
donated to our 2019 crowd-funder & the Bert Jansch Foundation.

Taking their name from Bert Jansch’s 1979 album, Iona Zajac (Harp) & Sam Grassie (Guitar) formed Avocet and were joined by double bassist Herbie Loening. In September 2019, laden with harp and guitars, they boarded the ferry to Amsterdam and made their way to Studio MOOOF, run by Michiel Mutsaerts and Bart Schatteleijn. In the ten days of recording (when the passing canal party boats and neighbouring Taiko drummers held their silence) Michiel captured the music.

For this album, Sam and Iona were incredibly fortunate to be joined by Ignacio Santoro (double bass) and Guillermo Martín-Viana (percussion).

We would like to thank both our families, Marieke McKenna of Mink Records,Ignacio Santoro, Guillermo Martín-Viana, Tenzin Stephen, Michiel Mustsaerts, Bart Schatteleijn, Herbie Loening for his great bass lines in our early days, Gail Cooke at Laughing Dog Music, Geraldine Auerbach from The Bert Jansch Foundation & David Bowden, our friends for always coming to our gigs over the years and of course, the great folks who donated to our crowd funder and have waited very patiently for the album to appear.

All music and lyrics written by Sam Grassie and Iona Zajac,
except “Angie” (written by Davey Graham)

Iona Zajac – vocals, Clarsach
Sam Grassie – vocals, guitar, electric guitar
Ignacio Santoro – double bass
Guillermo Martín-Viana- percussion
Herbie Loening – double bass
Tenzin Stephen – flute
Duncan Mark-Horne – Saxophone

Lyrics available on request.