Étire dans le ciel vide

Foret Endormie

released October 20, 2017

The bulk of the compositions on Étire dans le ciel vide are written for cello, violin, vibraphone, electric guitar, piano, and voices, a combination which resembles a traditional chamber ensemble while adding more contemporary sounds.

Lyrically, Étire dans le ciel vide examines the anxiety and isolation that is present in modern life, drawing from the poetry of 19th century French poet Paul Verlaine.

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Shannon Allen – cello
Kate Beever – vibraphone & voice
Jordan Guerette – guitar & voice
Emmett Harrity – piano
Victoria Hurlburt – violin

cello on “String and Hammer Quintet” and “L’arbitrage” by Hannah Schroeder Jackson

All music and lyrics written by Jordan Guerette

with the exception of “L’angoisse” and “Soleils Couchants”, words by Paul Verlaine

Cover art by Max Alex
Photography and Logo by Stephanie Sintra

“The Clearing” features additional vocals by Brendan James Hayter