Captain of None


released April 7, 2015

Album available on CD and vinyl on Thrill Jockey’s website and all major and small retailers. Bonus tracks “I’m Kin Version” and “Captain of Dub” for limited Japanese edition on Plancha available on Itunes.

My fifth album, recorded in the spring and early summer of 2014 in San Sebastián, Spain. For the first time in my album-making I chose to restrict myself to a very limited number of instruments: treble viola da gamba, voice, and occasional percussion, to better explore the possibilities of a Jamaican-dub-era-influenced style of production, with a heavy emphasis on my Moogerfooger analog delay and digital emulations of spring reverb, tape delay and other echo-producing devices… I finger-picked my treble viola da gamba and used an Octaver pedal to generate bass lines, and fell in love head over heels with the sound. Coupled with the fact that this was the first time I recorded an album in the spring, this was undoubtedly my most fulfilling album-recording experience so far!

Composed, interpreted, recorded, mixed and produced by Cécile Schott. Copyright control.
Mastering by Antony Ryan at Red Red Paw. Artwork by Iker Spozio.
Released by Thrill Jockey.