released February 26, 2021

Hello, friends and riff worshippers!
I want to present you our 4th studio album called “Bluff”. The album is entirely instrumental just like our previous work and contains 11 tracks. I believe this one is a bit different from our previous albums because it is filled up with much more heaviness but still I will let you be the judge. We are always on the run searching for new inspirations and we continue to evolve our signature sound, trying to blend smooth guitar and bass rhythms with rawer, heavier riffs interspersed.
Standout tracks, are ‘Sunseeker’, ‘Spoon Bender’, ‘Depths’ and the darker ‘Decrepit’ (or at least I think so, I will let you be the judge on this one too).
Fans of psychedelic stoner rock and connoisseurs of instrumental music will find much to love in ‘Bluff’, which, as our three other albums, remains a collaboration between only two individuals, whose love for the music they create pours out from every riff and melody on the album. ‘Bluff’ is a product of hard work and deep affection for the music and any true fan of quality will be quick to realize the album’s inherent virtues.

Alexander Enev