Hassan Wargui

released November 11, 2021


Hassan Wargui is a composer, songwriter, banjo player, and an expert in the songcraft and the poetry of the Tachelhit speaking Amazigh tribes of the Anti-Atlas mountains in the south of Morocco.
He was born in 1985 in a region called Issafen Tata, where he grew up among artists and creators allowing him to develop an excellent musical sense, a deep understanding of the complex poly-rhythms that underpin Amazigh music, and becoming proficient on the banjo, the preferred instrument of the region.
Hassan has been active in the Amazigh musical community for a number of years and has worked with a number of groups, notably Groupe Lbouchart, Imanaren (who worked with Jace Clayton/DJRupture during his 2011 Beyond Borders project) and Tidduklah.